I have not read the 50 shades of Grey neither damn the desire I have to do it, nor I question whether this or that Mistress has slaves or not (I could care less anyone’s life that I have enough with mine) nor I pontifical on the best or worst way of doing things.

I laugh with a good joke (or maybe not so good but to me it seems). Do not drink alcohol regularly or use any drugs … Well, except for snuff, that does not forgive. Black snuff smoke, strong. To see the sincere efforts of which belong to me, touchs me with tenderness. Lies and deceit twitch me, either way (and here I include the concealment of truth). I love the “toys” of torture and fetish outfit. I like to feel pretty and, although no longer a girl, to be the Goddess of my slaves.

I’m bossy, demanding and controlling (sometimes too much). I get excited with any nonsense and do not stop until I do something useful of it. Extroverted, but also reserved with my world, sometimes hermetic (although not appear here).

I like films, theater, a good book, a gift … I hardly flatter or reward an action in words, although I can use a touch or a mute detail. I am very close friend of my friends, but if I see duplicity or they fail me, I don’t trust them back. And I don’t know to pretend, hypocrisy exasperates me.

I’m not easy but I consider myself a good person, with strong ethics. I do not like flower bouquets, but the liqueur chocolates are together with the smoked salmon, the best culinary inventions of mankind. I think that sex exists to live unfettered, or to deny it, that I can find pleasure in all.

Here I leave this sketch of me, a Dominant Woman with defects and virtues 馃槈

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