Inevitable up and downs

I started the day with bad news, those that affect emotionally, especially for that awful feeling of helplessness at not being able to do anything to change the course of certain events.

But life is like that and so we have to accept it. It’s not all wine and roses nights, there hangover mornings and things that are beyond our control. Yes, yes, mine too 馃檪

I regret very much the news I received, is a bitter pill, but I don’t let me overcome by sadness having so much to do. Life goes on and we must face it.

As always, the blog is a reflection of me. I would love to make a display of joy every day, but it would not be sincere because nobody is happy all the time. Without sadness would not appreciate joy, without sorrow would not value satisfaction.

My life has not been easy, I have lived all situations and so I appreciate the happiness and taste it with delight. Moreover, precisely for that matter, to enjoy our successes and learn from our failures.

Changing the subject Have you seen how varied humiliation contest is being? Every day is more fun. Cheer up to participate, this blog is a space where all can collaborate.

By the way, yesterday there was a pretty remarkable record of visits and I leave you my thanks for that 馃檪

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