One more tournament

You can not continually express something and then act in a completely opposite way. Well, yes you can, but it’s not consistent.

For a D/s relationship to thrive is needed time for mutual knowledge. Whenever I started a relationship faster, either by casualty, instincts or any other reason, just ended quickly.

I give a lot of opportunities, I have a lot of patience to start something, but I’m old enough to know what really lies behind each snout, although sometimes I do dumb because I like playing with my toys and see how they are entangled in their own trouble.

I’m not inflalible, but I am a woman tanned in a thousand battles and willing to follow toughen in another thousand. If you will not be my squire, be honest enough and do not kid yourself. Fantasies are wonderful but the reality may be much more 馃槈

Yesterday I spoke of bad news and is said that bad news never come alone. My sword is drawn, to start the game :D

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