The happiness of being yourself

I love to be served. And yet I go further in my statement, I assume that is the most normal in the world. I did not even stop to think, I act with the naturalness of mind that must be so.

Some are born with the need to serve and be served is innate to me. Not saying it’s something congenital, my ancestors have nothing to do with it (although my mother showed signs), but I’m convinced I was born with certain characteristics that make me the leader of my group (always have been ).

And I do not live in a world apart, I live in this, in the same you do. By that I mean I know what I do and with whom, but sometimes have to moderate my character and ask for something with a “please” if the request I make goes to someone who is not in my service.

I’m not prepotent but authoritarian. In my opinion the difference is remarkable.

Obviously, I could not behave in this way if it were not complacent wonderful beings that complement my nature and are happy doing just that, serving and pleasing.

And ultimately, the purpose of all, regardless of which side of the whip you are, is to be happy, do not you agree? 馃槈

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