A few days of relaxation

Little movement is seen these days in Madrid with this short holidays and though my plans were different, after someone I thought to have some fun failed me, finally another victim” has been given willingly to satiate my instincts :D

Today I write from a quiet village, all very bucolic and pastoral. It’s amazing how strange it seems to urban people the absence of background noise that we are so used to. No traffic, sirens, crowd At night, walking down the street, I can hear the echo of my own heels!

It’s great to lost a few days in a completely different stage than usual and focus on walking, watching movies, reading, surfing the internet, study the prey and torture him.

The place is beautiful and the house very comfortable, so I ded铆cate myself to see if the puppy endure stoically my attacks. For now has joked saying he sold out emotionally. We’ll see how it ends 馃槈

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