Reconcilable differences

I note that there are many silly resentments between FemDoms and I see spectacles that leave very badly on our role. We all have a big ego and no one wants to be below others, but do you really think you need to lose composure in public?

I may be a little cold and Machiavellian, but though my ego has nothing to envy to any other, I don’t feel the need to prove it becoming entangled in a maelstrom of personal disqualifications towards others.

Now, of course if you seek me you’ll find me, I don’t hide, but I don’t lend to deplorable shows. The personal quarrels are resolved in private (if I consider that to be resolved because if not, do not even bother to clarify anything).

Ladies, we are all great, special and uniquecaptivating personalities, sure of ourselves and our skills, with a wonderful life to live and many subs to subdue and mold them to our liking.

I don’t like that anybody come to gossip of others, is something that bothers me and, although knowing that some will poison for what I’m saying, I will not omit. Do not think it necessary to speak ill of anyone behind them, that we have enough with our legion of detractors.

I leave my respects to each and every one of you, gorgeous Ladies, it is my pleasure to meet you 馃檪

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