Today I return to my beloved Madrid. These three days have been fun, with a bit of everything, but it’s time to bring order to my domain 😉

What will I find on my return? I’m looking forward to seeing my bitch​​, hug and whip her as only she can appreciate, but there are others that also require my attention and control. Some show their unconditional devotion and other in short, there are always those others that give the impression of going it alone, so I’ll probably have to make decisions.

Only those who dare to be great failures get hits. I am not characterized by stay waiting in a corner, but it is not my habit to harass those who do not want to be mine.

Finally, back to routine, my precious routines that I feel so comfortable, exercising those privileges that those I own have given me and looking for ways to go always a little further.

Temperatures have increased and it is time to make them raise even more with my presence :D

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  1. I would love to be one of those awaiting your return and the kiss of your whip, but sadly it is not possible.


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