Peace of Mind

I have already told so many things about myself Of course I keep a lot more, but here I leave brush strokes for those who want to collect them can see me more clearly.

Today I have a very relaxed day. Sure, influenced by the fact that I have yet taken a single coffee and the sun coming through my window invites me into a pleasant doze pause.

If I squint I hear my slave working for the house, the gardener of the park with this machine that I have never known what it’s called and I‘ve christened “the leaf-blower”, the murmur of distant traffic and a WhatsApp whistle in which my slave larva_de_Cruel informs me that he is already in the office.

It’s nice to be at home again. I’m a pretty adaptable, but quickly establish my routines wherever I am.

I’ll have my second cup of coffee and go to the shower, my relaxing time is over and the day has only just begun. But I’ve got a very nice conclusion: It is sublime be at peace with myself, nothing can replace this feeling 馃檪

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