A smile on my lips

It may be true that a blog feeds alone once started, I do not think it’s that simple. I guess a lot is updated often, but if the content is not of interest, there will be little feedback.

My experience as a blogger is very positive, because although not all are sincere and not all dare to say publicly that they read me before the dishonor that such a confession would, in addition to the handful of insignificant trolls that roam the shadows, your overall response to my small contribution to the spread of FemDom is quite amazing. Surprisingly favorably.

Many tell me that you learn things here, some of you agree with my way of seeing and doing things, others are not conform with everything but in general terms and there are those who do not agree at all. There is everything, but I want to clarify that I do not intend to pontificate or anything like that, even to preach to anyone. Here I share my way of life, my views, and ultimately, I’m sharing my daily experiences. (Though I‘m not going to tell you all, that CruelDama is extroverted to where I want to be) 馃槈

My conclusion is that it is very rewarding to know you there, get your mail and verify that the interest in FemDom different perspectives is growing.

Even despite the fact that for some I carry the stigma of the proscribed (with pride, that I’m not ashamed of anything), I see you reading me and repeating. I do not see a great turnout, but look at you and smile because if this blog would not belong to a declared Financial Mistress, comments would be much more numerous.

Anyway, if you like the blog, welcome to my space 馃檪

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  1. I like your blog a lot.
    Dreaming of Madrid in the sun.


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