My dear sissies

Today I mention the lovely sissies again, these amazing creatures that exist to make us happier the life with their sweetness, their desire to please, make us laugh by their witticisms, their sensitivity and all that they give us. Not to mention their inexhaustible sex drive :D

Have you noticed that are the most involved in the contest of humiliation?

A sissy has very clear that to get something you have to suffer. Even with the sensitivity to skin flower, they does not cower with paralyzing prejudices and is willing to be exposed and displayed as they are.

In general they used to be frowned upon and despised, are subject to mockery and disqualification by those short minds that can not see beyond their noses.

You can count on my full support. Today I dedicate you my post to be as you are, for your continued search for happiness in the way that you want and enjoy life knowing that not everyone understands.

I would be happy to have a few sissies around me if I could afford, taking care and serving me, training and torturing them, using them to my will and giving all their value. Contradictory?? Not at all, they know how to appreciate my affection 馃槈


  1. Mistress u r so nice to offer us a place to serve u


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