The sexual evolution of Power

In most animal species, sex selection is based on force. Males compete before the female and the fittest physically obtaine in the end the choice of mate. The ethologists have shown that, for example, female chimpanzees choose whether to have sex or not with the victorious competitor.

The victory won by a male implies not mating with the female he chooses, but he will have to develop a certain courtship to be accepted by her. Ultimately, it is the female who has the power of decision.

Males compete with each other to get the first step in the social pyramid, assuming that. in this way, the female will admire them and allow them to vent their sexual instincts. When male gets it he feels the most powerful of the community. Is it really the male the dominant?

In human societies of this century women also compete in the socio-economic pyramid and our undeniable independence makes men need to learn new courship techniques to seduce us. What chances for success has an overbearing male?

There are women who admire the man’s greater physical strength, but that is just one more feature that can be used for more creative things with the right direction :D

There are still male abusers, educated in sexist customs that consider “normal” to humiliate women, but times are changing and more and more people consider that the admirable is intelligence, among other things 馃槈

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