I use to mention that the ultimate goal of any relationship, regardless of it being vanilla or D/s, is the happiness of all parts. If the relationship does not make us happy, the foundations gives way, the whole construction collapses and the effort spent on it will evaporate for more patches and repairs that we do. But, yes, it will be an experience.

There is an important detail that the submissive often overlooked. Being submissive does not mean only to be available for the Mistress to use you. The idea of many that enter into the world of submission is the situation they fantasize about constantly and different sex with the Owner. But is not you who decides how, when, where and if there will be relief for your libido or prolonged sexual tension. I can use mine or ignore them keeping in chastity for extended periods.

To serve the Mistress doesn’t mean to be there to be used. To serve the Mistress is to be useful to her in the way she wants. And no, it has not to be sex what she requires from you 馃檪

If you are not happy being useful to your Mistress and just looking for the morbidity that she will be able to provide, I do not see much future in that relationship.

Submission is much more than sex. Submission, in my opini贸n, is surrender and devotion, is giving without asking, waiting to be required and enjoy every small detail that can please the Mistress, since your pleasure will be serving her.

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