I’m noticing a greater movement of the blog in English, even though sometimes I have trouble to express what I want to convey in that language. It had been a while since I practiced it and this is reflected because although I lived in London, inevitably go missing vocabulary if not operated and grammar normally rusts.

At any rate, I’m sure you will pass through high my errors in the construction of certain sentences and, of course, I will be delighted that the you make me known to fix them and learn from them. Yes, yes, a Mistress also learn and I love to keep learning every day (and I speak not only of languages). I think someone who brags of not needing to learn anything else has a pretty sad and boring future. If you lose the enthusiasm and curiosity, what is left?

I am aware of my limitations, but I try to overcome them, either in culture or in something that requires perseverance and effort on my part. Discipline begins at home 馃槈

 Can you imagine a frumpy, clumsy, apathetic and lazy Mistress? I think a submissive wants to belong to someone who constitutes a general guidance, someone who directs and controls his life and I do not think who can’t direct their own lives are very able to work in others.

Also, what is FemDom but glamor? I will not boast of being terribly sophisticated, but FemDom is expertise, mastering with happiness and knowing what is the place of each, live according to our convictions and continue growing every day. Yes, the promotion of our perversions and desires is not excluded, just the opposite :D

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