The great taboo of Financial Domination

I am aware that the general picture that is had of a Financial Mistress is a typical deranged that only knows screaming, insulting and demanding money. And of course, many of you wonder that,being Financial Mistress, I enjoy so much with my lifestyle.

Of course there is everything everywhere, but the general picture is as erroneous as the cliche that all submissives are beings with low self esteem or that everyone is bisexual or automatons.

Neither Financial Mistress is necessarily an evil person who has no idea of ​​Domination nor the submissive is someone to be pitied, that’s enough of such nonsense in a world that is supposed to have an open mind!

I’m not saying we all agree on an internship or other, everyone chooses which prefer, either tease and denial, facesitting, trampling, confinement or Money Fetish (or all at once). In the XXI century nobody will make you anything you don’t really want and it’s nice to perceive a little bit of that respect we all deserve.

I understand that there are many envies at the be able to live as I want, but I guarantee you nobody gives anything for nothing, because it is not going collecting here and there, not to mention that I do not accept anyone. You need an initial consensus, that there is chemistry between the parties (without complicity forget that it works), and, of course, knowing to impose our rules, but mostly has to do with whether you really like to dominate or just pretend. If you want to try it has my full support, however, if you don’t really feel the Domination will not be able to fool anyone for long, because the submissive recognize the authority (if any).

I respect all kinds of relationship enjoyment, either passing life in a chat or social network behind the screen or by selling donuts at the town festival. We all have the option to choose how we prefer to be happy (when we know how) 🙂

I will continue enjoying this taboo so monstrous that those two words mean, Financial Domination, with those who take the trouble to know me 😉

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