Speaking out

Reactions to yesterday’s post were quite predictable and did not wait. There were wonderful messages from Mistresses and submissives, but also insults and ill-concealed anger expressed in words dripping pure poison.

I will not give them more importance than they have (none), but I mention it anyway even without giving nicknames (I Price I have a little more class than that) because it did nothing but prove what I wrote yesterday.

I am an educated woman and my self control is important to me, smile rarely leaves my lips because I don’t consider it necessary to lose composure because for banal outside attacks.

I will not get into the game of personal insults or stupid fights. Two days ago I let go to a pickpocket who caught with her hand in my bag with no more than a look of contempt! (well, that and an earful by my little dog) lol.

They were many things to say, as the Financial Domination is a broad topic, it is not, as many think, plunder and beg for money, but that is just one of the requirements (which both parts enjoy) in the relationship. But even this is neither an office nor a classroom, so if you are interested in it, go and research.

I leave a special hugh for two Ladies each with blogs that I highly recommend, Mistress Roxy and Brigitte Mac Personn and, of course, a kiss to my girls, all those great sissies who are always there, supporting me.

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