There are many topics that I have already spoken, a bit of everything. I know what the reaction will be one or the other even as I develop, but the purpose of this blog is not to please everyone and get general acceptance. I do not need your approval and I will not change one iota my way of being and living.

And with that, I guess someone will take this as one more affront (is not it amazing how sensitive people is? :D), I want to make clear that this is not a manual of good submissive, good Domme, or a classroom of anything. This is my blog, neither more nor less.

There are so many ways to master as Dominants exist. Not all are equal neither all we need to agree with the others. I, for example, would be unable to maintain a relationship, like so many I see around, in which Mistress budges on the demands of her submissive and adheres to the wishes of those whom supposedly she dominates.

When I meet a submissive I like and decide to test him, there are great conversations where there is an initial consensus, ie, I pay attention to those bounds he confess and score boundaries he unknown but I know they are there. If his boundaries do not coincide with mine (yes, yes, the Mistresses have our limits, mine have to do with common sense, but that’s another topic) or I don’t glimpse willingness to overcome them, I will not accept.

What I can not do is live pending this or that bother someone who is under my control, not necessary when they accept a real Domination and trust me. Obviously, if any of his boundaries will restrict me to my to do my holy will, there will be not much more to talk with this submissive.

This is my way to do, but there are others. Who seek a Domination on demand, you know that there is also, I suppose, that in this world there must be all  馃檪

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