Performances and realities

Today I bring some questions. Ironic, of course.

This morning I heard a stunning phrase on TV. They talked about sadomasochism and the announcer allowed himself the spectacular phrase “Femdoms and their slaves come to believe the role they perform.” How daring is ignorance.

Perform?? I could understand that made ​​reference to many people living Domination/submission as a simple game, they play a role punctually, but it was not the case, since the context referred to an incident in the United States. I did not want to hear further such accumulation of nonsense (there were more until I took the remote and changed the channel).

I’m not an actress, I live my reality and I am consistent with it, I know what I am and exactly the same in relation to those around me.

Is that the presenter plays the role of a parent, a “man”, a journalist? Is that the life of the people, to perform the role expected of them?

I find it very sad to be acting for show. Sometimes we do things to hide as in other areas (I’m not preaching in the vanilla world I own slaves, for example), but it must be exhausting faking all the time. I imagine them forcing a perpetual smile on their faces with the resulting facial muscle pain keeping it without feeling.
We choose what we prefer to live, from birth we make decisions that lead us to what we are, some of us enjoy our lives without prejudices and other stoically endure that role awarded. Of course, then comes the crisis of identity and emotional problems Could that be why many seeking sincere relief in the Mistresses who publicly disparage? 🙂

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