Gorgeous sissies

Sissy Minki

My dear sissies Today I will talk about my flattering and effusive girls.

Is the case of Minki, which I found one day in a social network with significant emotional letdown and a few kind words were enough (I did not tell more than the truth: she is a great human being with so much to offer) and she gifted me a gorgeous smile and many signs of affection that I value greatly.

Is the case of Hailey, a twentysomething sissy with a great desire to be exposed.

Is the case of sienna swallows, a wonderful little slut without prejudice who enjoys being what she is, a fantastic puppy that gives me tenderness and affection where she finds me.

Bloggers as Leeannediane (owned by Mistress Cassie), sissy jamie, great many sissies Not able to name you all, are many and all great.

I see you evolve for years (some have served me in person), I see all the support that you engage each other, the willingness to help where necessary, that fascinating coquetry (which many biological women could learn), your antics and (why not?) that unleashed sex drive, that contagious and playful joy that emanates of you

Also mention Susi, a lovely blogger happy to share her space, one of the few about feminization in Spanish and very good, by the way, with fantastic images that illustrate it. And of course, special mention to servus{Bastet}, which makes their raids on the feminization of the hand of his Mistress.

My affection for each and every one of you, loving naughty beings. Oh, the photo is Minki, an Austrian gorgeous, but I assure you she is even more beautiful inside 馃槈


  1. My love Mistress Dama
    I’m Overwhelmed! I have no words! I have tears in my eyes.
    No, I’m not sad. I did not expect to hear such nice words about me.
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I thank you very much ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Your little Sissy Minki

    • Just what you derserve, hun. xxx


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