Emotional sadism

Yesterday I spoke of physical restraints: bondage, kinbaku, shibari But there are also those other unseen ties, imposing inside.

I’ve never hidden that I am sadistic emotional as well as physical, and I can use corrective and psychological punishment as a learning method of the slave (or just for my own pleasure, not everything translates into punishment).

But I’m not only sadistic, I’m sadistic and Dominant, that is, I do not just enjoy sadomasochism but Domination/submission is a very important part in my life (not to say it is the principal). I can even go a step further and declare that I don’t like the pure masochist (his personality is manipulative and does not stop lead constantly to get that share of pain he wants). Prefer the submissive not necessarily masochist, he surrenders his pain and his ​​pleasure. Do not forget that the pain threshold is teachable and I find a surrender infinitely more rewarding than a constant demand from the cravings from which must be submitted to my will.

With psychological dressage obtained strong and lasting ties. And I’m not talking about brainwashing, then everything just misrepresented and misunderstood. The psychological sadism engage not to make robots or cancel personalities, Ladies and gentlemen, emotional sadism means enjoying manipulating inside the subject and still enjoying his suffering, this manipulation can be focused down to develop the affective and the esteem that sometimes come to me so damaged.

As sadistic I infringe pain, as Dominant I am responsable of who surrender to me, working in his mind not only to suit my desires, but also for personal growth to be satisfactory to both. Quid pro quo.

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  1. All very sensible. I feel I need to be shown what it is to be submissive. I have a special curiosity for emotional cruelty. I will need to be shown.


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