Big fly flits

Yes, we‘re all fabulous, witches, spectacular, sensational and ravishing. At least that is what is meant by watching submissives are heading to any Lady.

Respect is taken for granted, of course, but seriously all of us seem so great? A little seriousness, submissive, we can see your plume.

I like, as any woman, to be treated with care and courtesy, but when the same words that are dedicated to me are directed to others, that submissive loses all credibility in nanoseconds.

It’s very ugly to be so unselective as the words that you use are all exactly the same, big fly hang tag of your forehead.

According to the ancient canons (and in certain sectors), a free slave is at the mercy of anyone who wants to take him, but it’s supposed a submissive can choose at who wants to surrender and the image that gives offering to all in the same way leaves much to be desired.

I understand the urgency to begin, but the rush never been good (and less on FemDom), so meditate your attitude, this leads only serves to be rejected by all; bother to know each and forget about those practical listings you prefer, will be unnecessary when you discover the preferences of the Ladies.

They are only suggestions, but I think you would do better that way 馃槈

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