Virtual pantomimes

It’s fun to occasionally stop and take a look at social networking. People grab some monumental anger because no longer follow because not added to circles or because the neighbor has more “friends” to his credit.

Some live as affronts these resentments that are thrown at each other, I see them turn green with rage and losing papers for almost anything. And all virtual, that the vast majority of the people behind the profiles never come to know in person each other.

There are also all those who turn their frustrations on others, hiding behind the anonymity that the internet provides. I know well of what I speak, I have blocked several, I think is more sensible to do that way than to entertain them with their game, and I’m not going to give them the importance they have not.

My habit is to leave everything connected throughout the day, after upload the blog post, and if I’m home, occasionally answer an email, accept or reject a friend request or leave a comment somewhere. What surprises me is that whatever time I look at the screen, I always see online and interacting more or less the same nick-names.

Yesterday, for example, two Femdoms were riding a regrettable scene in a group, the insults were getting rough and I don’t know how end up because I wanted more going out to enjoy the sun with my slave magic than to stay reading.

Sometimes I wonder if people do not have a life to live outside the internet. Although it is not something for what I lose sleep, we are all older ones to choose our path and how to cross it. Furthermore, there are also wonderful people that are worth contacting.

For the record, is not a criticism (I live and let live), only one note. And I stress that can be fun to watch. A while 馃檪


  1. Dama love,
    you have found the right words. Of 100 known one friend left. 10 fly out of the loop because they want to insult us. I now refuse requests from many county. I am a sissy. No more – no less!
    You’ve got a great blog. Geällt me your honest and direct style.

    Your Sissy Minki

  2. Thank you, dear, I’m glad you like. xx


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