Funny weekend

Tremendous weekend. I had a great time yesterday and the day before.

On Friday had to do a bit of sightseeing, sometimes we do not realize how much fun it can be mixed in the crowd and despise the attractions we have in our cities.

I went with my magic to the cable car, the views of the city from above are beautiful and, although not a long drive (about 12 kms), I loved to embarrass my slave provoking his libido in the cabin. Consider his reactions surrender/shame is a pleasure I usually enjoy when I want, but I keep the details 馃槈

Yesterday I was walking around downtown with my clown, weather accompanying and we had fun doing some shopping and looking around accommodated on a terrace. We played to imagine the lives of the other clients of the coffee shop and even act out their conversations. My clown is a very funny clown.

We had dinner at a restaurant with a show and ended up on stage at the request of the artist, making the chorus of an absurd song. And of course, I ended up in the toilet retouching my makeup because even cried with laughter.

Today I rest (at least in principle), but something comes to mind : D

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