Definitely intense

Intensity means:
1. Degree of force that manifests a natural agent, a physical quantity, a quality, an expression, etc..
2. Vehemence of the affections of the mind.

I consider myself passionate about everything that interests me, I enjoy life with relish and squeeze the moments of happiness.

And you can say: ‘but happiness is so fleeting . Maybe it is, but with that attitude you will not succeed prolonging or enjoy it.

I am convinced that everything in life is capable of being manipulated, even luck and happiness. You will not enjoy a fantastic session with your Mistress or show her your surrender properly if you are all the time thinking about what you have to do the next day or ruminating when are you going to see her again.

Everyone has problems to a greater or lesser extent and not say we ignore them, but we must make a timely emotional distance (emotional detachment conscious) to enjoy those moments of ephemeral” happiness.

In my life there have been hard times, but I have not lost enthusiasm and the will to keep fighting for what I want enjoying my accomplishments (big and small).

It is important to adapt to the circumstances presented to us and, although a Mistress complaining about her luck can give a pitiful image, ask yourself what can be the resulting image if continous complaints come from a submissive. What do you want give your Mistress, a broken toy or the best of yourself? 馃槈

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