Completing the humiliation contest

Have a couple of days before the final contest humiliation.You still have time to send a picture!

Regardless of who wins the competition, I really appreciate the response. I have received many pictures of all kinds and I have gone uploading the best, others have dismissed as repetitive or not regarding them as appropriate.

The winner will be hard to choose because I love them all. Is leaving a beautiful gallery, and after the contest, I’ll leave at that tab some time because submissives and slaves adorn both my life as my blog. And I’m sorry to close it, but I have further developments at my mind and soon there will be more surprises.

I’ve been criticized for having initiatives (and I speak not only of the contest), but that has never been a brake for me, I’m used to being in the front sight and from many different perspectives, it is normal when someone stands out for something and there are so many people without a life or a serious lack of imagination.

To be different goes associated with this type of situations, but it also means enjoying what we are, no matter who cares. I’m not a Mistress pamphlet, I am a real Mistress, who lives, who enjoys doing things like giving damn well, with common sense and sadistically happy. I will not change or disguise my words because neither respect nor wanting to force anyone to agree with me. If someone is upset about what read here is very easy, there is an X above, to the right, where you can close the site with a single click 馃檪

But again, thank you all for your participation, I liked the way you answered 馃檪

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