And the winner is…

The humiliation contest has come to an end. It was fun, because my email was a funny and original photo gallery every day. I’ve been uploading the best and choosing a winner was difficult.

All images have something special, but it can only be one winner and I think sissy pansy is who deserves the award, so your picture winner, pansy fagot, the number 4 of the “Humiliation” tab, is illustrating the post.

Come on, pansy, contact me to receive your prize 馃槈

As virtual experience, it’s been really fun, it was great to see your response and at the same time getting to know each other through exchange of emails and putting a face to every nick.

The gallery will remain a while because I think that all who have had the courage to show yourself deserve this little reward.

But I’m thinking more news and soon I will speak of them. Stay tuned because I will organize a new contest in a few days.

Thank you all, my dear humiliated, you have shown me much more than humiliation 馃檪

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