So easy…

Someone called me rare again. This is already becoming a habit, lol. But this time the word did not have negative connotations.

The argument of the “accuser“, which is not without its comic point, was that the Mistresses usually pretend that they like what they do and that I really enjoy Domination is uncommon.

I must say that my partner did not know my Virtual activity, we meet in real life, so I invited him to browse through my blog giving him the link. At night he phoned me to say he was still more astonished than before, that the blog is just a reflection of me and he loves how I make everything is so simple.

Well … I actually do not keep it simple. It’s simple! When something we like and we assume that we are, allowing ourselves to enjoy what we are, things stop having this difficulty we imagined. I think it is hard not to be, what happens is that many people claim to be and then the reality is different.

I guarantee that I am not alien or figment of imagination of anyone, though my slave magic says I surpass his expectations in regard to the “Mistress of his dreamswith which he fantasized before knowing me.

Do not consider myself above the others, eye that just as not all submissives and slaves are fit to serve me, I am not the suitable Mistress for anyone. The secret is that two people that meet are compatible, the rest will come by itself 馃槈

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