Virtual wildlife

I do not usually reply to messages from social networks, unless they are from someone I know or a friend. I know many are entertained that way, but at the risk of sounding arrogant, I wish to make clear that although you see me connected, I’m not at the screen 24 hours a day and I can not be answering everyone with banal comments or mentioning the weather making at each site, not to mention all those “slaves without limitsthat seek to satisfy their horny the moment.

Who really want to know me, know how to find me. In the blog facilitated my email on several sites, an adequate and respectful presentation will get much more attention from me than a stupid phrase in private urging me to listen to him.

It seems great to me that everyone have fun as they feel like it, but understand that if I do not answer can be for several reasons: because I’m busy with other things, because I’m not at the screen but appears as connected, or plain and simple because I don’t feel like it, that there is any message to frame as a souvenir 馃槈

I do not consider myself unfriendly, but sometimes you ask loudly.

I’m pretty accessible, but live glued to the screen is not what I want. And as many experiences as I have to spend my time with those telling me that I could prostitute them or insulting me after a rejection.

I also get very nice messages, but the time I spend on the Internet is limited or I would not have hours in the day to enjoy my life. Thanks for understanding 馃檪 

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