These days I‘m realizing that my blog has a pretty remarkable diffusion. Not that the hit counter has overflowed, but where I go you recognize me and when I mention my Nick-name you tell me you know the blog.

What began a few months ago as an entertainment or perhaps a kind of experiment is turning into a publication that many of you follow every day.

I never thought it would reach the popularity it has and still is surprising that up I’m called from radio and television programs to interview me. Does the FemDom and BDSM begin to stop being that outrageous and clandestine taboo?

In yesterday’s post I talked about that even begin to make scientific studies of our world (with results that surprise many), is also noted that the offer of such events is increasing and we are becoming more who turned to parties and meetings.

Until a few years (at least in Spain) had to be extremely discreet with our lifestyle and now, even without the need to proclaim from the rooftops what we are, we must not hide so much.

Of course, I’m talking about me, from my personal experience over the years, everyone will have their own, but even in publicity is used increasingly BDSM aesthetics.

Are times changing or is it just a fad? Do we start to break myths, false beliefs and understandings to have a more complete volume of information diffusion through the Internet? Only time will tell 馃檪

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