Clarifying note

It’s funny that a submissive, whom I know beyond a couple of email exchanges, tell me that feels unattended when he has not even completed the first part of my requirements to take him into account as a candidate to serve me. It is curious that another allows himself bombarding my email with stupid excuses when it is clear that neither answered nor I will because I told him all I had to say.

I understand that there are many Mistresses that fold to your wishes, but not my case, I impose my judgments from the first minute and if you disagree, no objection, continue your search in more accommodating land. In my world I control, neither submissives nor slaves, and instead of giving in to manipulation attempts, what I do is lay aside what does not interest me.

Am I too picky? It is possible, but would not admit that things were otherwise. Neither I sell anything or you’re buying anything. I establish relationships in which the money is part of my demands, but I do not provide any services “in exchange for“.

Maybe you work with other whining and demands, but I have very clear that I will not change. By anyone.

And do not think it’s that hard to understand, honestly, I‘m always very clear in my words. If not for you, great, you can be sure that I will never pursue you, I do not want anyone at my feet by force.

But make no mistake, you will not buy my time and with these attitudes all you get is I ignore you. Do not come to me with requirements, if you really wanted to serve me, you would know that this is not the way.

Do you want my attention? Earn it. But not complaining or urging me because the results are not what you look for.

Am I a different Financial Mistress? Maybe, but I Wear the Domination inside and I will not change 馃檪

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