Half-sabbatical Saturday

Today is one of those days when I woke up late because I went out last night … well, actually I still have not woken up yet, I still have that nice tingling in the eyes even though I already had my coffee.

I love laze from time to time and let me enjoy that feeling of relaxation in this moment in which might decide to go back to sleep (which inwardly know I will do not) and fantasize stay all day watching movies with my little bitch and dozing (thing that I will not).

I take the day with the calm that comes from knowing they will not come for me until sunset and anything else I can solve by phone or internet.

So relaxing bubble bath tap, eating something my slave will prepare at the time, maybe a movie later, some UVA rays in the beauty salon that is a couple of blocks away and then it will be time to get pretty for leaving to dinner.

Do not think that all my days are like that, so I would end up getting bored of inactivity. But today… Anyway, my bitch 鈥嬧媡ells me the bath is ready, so I’ll give the “Publish” button and continue enjoying my relaxing day 馃槈

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