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There is a BDSM chat which ended up occasionally; I know that network for years and although I am long periods without entering, I just spend for a little while occasionally.

They change nicks, it is difficult to find the old, but sometimes I have the impression that time has stalled in a sort of loop which constantly repeated greetings, “kisses” and clueless threats and expulsions.

Anyone with half a brain would think that a moderator is to help users to integrate into the room, but there are many places where it seems that its purpose is to make displays of cockiness and arrogance ridiculing anyone who would not laugh the jokes . We’ve all seen things like that, right?

This has always happened, of course, you know the popular saying “give Peter a uniform and you’ll see who’s Peter” and if that is the goal of Peter in life, he will be happy but will charge the atmosphere of the room. And so far my review, which I have never been expelled and, if administrators tolerate it, I simply change room.

And so I do. For some time I visit certain very welcoming channel which brings together a very nice little group of Dominants and submissives. I’m not advertising the site, but I like this place because you can not only start a debate anytime someone proposes, but the general atmosphere is fun and with righteous moderators.

I will keep going from time to time because for this are the chats, to entertain us for a while and relate to other people. Most never leave the chat, but there are those few who will get to know in person. I‘ve met some great people, sure to you also happened 🙂


  1. You’ll always get those who as moderators of chat rooms or even sites that at the slightest hint of power become rather like a high school hall monitor making people feel uncomfortable which is regrettable given some people find talking around things that might include their kinks difficult. I’d agree you can find some really interesting people to talk with too.

    • There’s always some great people and very nice find them. A hug, Belinda.


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