Boring convalescence

It had to happen. With so many variations in temperature and climate I caught other flu/constipated and has all the earmarks of to stay with me for a few days.

I get in a bad mood when I’m sick and I’m not an easy patient. My slave knows that in times like this must stay close by if I need something, yet far enough away to not bother me with nonsense.

She takes good care. Brings me details and surprises to cheer me up and although I’m not very expressive (and less being ill), I appreciate her effort and dedication.

I have no choice but to arm myself with patience, entertain with the laptop and dozing at times (my fever collapses). But weed never dies, there is no fear. ‘ll Give war son 馃槈


  1. My love Dama, I wish you a speedy recovery!
    You should spend a lot of time in bed. you can let you massage your legs. Also, a facial massage can be very relaxing.

    The flu has caught me too, work in the morning and the rest of the day I try to cure me

    soft kiss
    Your Sissy Minki

    • We will recover together although we are miles away.

      Take care of yourself, my dear, we need your joy on the internet. Kisses.

    • Dama love,
      you always can find the most beautiful words. Thank you!

      I wish you a good night and beautiful dreams.

      kisses, your Minki


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