The sieve of the discerning

We sailed here and there, read some forum, enter a chat, we look at the social networks And through so much virtual walk is not difficult to finish by reading someone accusing another with Nick in lowercase, normally indicative of the submissive role, accusing him of not being a submissive.

In my opinion there is not only one type of submissive, everyone decides how far want to get involved (if you want to get involved, that there are cases where the accusation is made following a rejection of the alleged non-submissive and nobody is forced to surrender to those who do not want to).

Who is qualified to decide at a glance that Peter or John is a submissive or not? And I’ll go a little further Is the judge that stands in a real Dominant?.

A lowercase Nick-name not always expressed the role. Not everyone handles nimbly chat codes, maybe because he has to do more things in life that remain hour after hour in a chat or social networks boasting to know a lot of BDSM, it could be, right?

Is that all uppercase nicks are owned by Dominants? Here you have a lot to say, but I leave the answer to your choice 馃槈

Sometimes, reading some, I wonder if a vanilla, a curious, a not submissive but masochist have the right to life, as to be admitted to certain sites has to drop to the learned (and there are always a few everywhere).

Well, that or being a woman, a female Nick does not usually have those problems. We’ve all seen Dominants” drooling to female nicks (it seems that in these cases whether they are true submissive does not matter) 馃檪

When will we learn to live and let live?

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