Radio interview

Last night, my slave clown and I were interviewed on Radio Alcosa. We did it by phone, as the seat of the station is located in a commercial center of Sevilla, but in a few funny minutes we did show a little bit of us, with all the naturalness with which we live our relationship.

The sexologist Estela Núñez and the journalist Salva (sorry, do not know his surname, but I will return him the little joke he made with my Nick at the beginning of the program, once on the air I had no time to say: no, my parents did not put me the name Cruel, but I’m sure even in your ID you don’t figure as Salvamyl Periodista, right?;)) they were asking questions and, although some may have sounded all a bit surreal, somehow we demystify some of that obscurantism that exists in relation to our world.

Well, you could judge for yourself, but it happens that the radio program was in Spanish, a Spanish radio station, so I do not think that those who come to my blog in English may understand much of what there told. In any case, if someone of my readers of this blog want to hear the program, you can simply click on the banner on the left column and enter the post from my blog in Spanish corresponding to this date, there can be found in MP3. Also you can find it here, in the Notes tab.

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