Things in life

I’m impressed with the amount of messages and tokens of affection and support I have received since I uploaded the post yesterday. Both, my clown and I, are very grateful for your emails and messages, but the truth is that we did nothing more than show us as we are and speak normally about our lives.

Missed time, had so many things to say and so little time … Anyway, you can not have everything, so there is our small contribution in respect to spread our world as we see, feel and live.

Otherwise, everything is the same. recovering with a cough nauseating syrup (I hate medications) and a thousand ideas around my head with so much time to think. But will not go ahead events. I fight with my impatience because everything will come and I have the rest of my life to do all those things I want to do (it’s not like I’m dying, just a slightly more persistent flu than it seemed at first).

By the way, who has volunteered to lick my screen of those droplets that get stuck every time I cough I will say that I have to cover my kleenex when coughing and my screen is shiny, but I had to smile at the occurrence, so I‘ll give you my smile 馃檪

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