Getting started

When he discovers this world, normally a trending submissive man seeks quench a variety of needs and fantasies that at some point begin to be compelling.

Usually he reachs awkwardly and with urgencies, as well as a tremendous ignorance on the subject, since most of what he knows about FemDom and BDSM is what he sees in videos that awaken his libido, so he has that image of the spectacular Mistress that will do all those things he wishes to as soon as anyone accept him.

And I think it’s great, mind you, but for me it means a lot more than to cover an impulse purely physical.

Think that a woman usually needs “something morethan just your willingness to have hard sex (which may have or not, she will decide those “details” ;)). A woman is usually very selective and, if you don’t bother to seduce her somehow, you will be ignored and discarded as fast as your horny penis.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that all of us think alike or want the same thing, with time you will see how different we are from each other.

But do not be discouraged. It may not be easy, but if you really want to live your submission, strive to get it 馃檪

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