The path of slavery

As they say, “everywhere baked beans“. I mean a relationship Mistress/slave may look wonderful from the outside and, although it finally is, to get some stability and strengthen that relationship, you have to overcome some obstacles.

You start with great enthusiasm and desire to create a strong bond, but along the way not everything is as idyllic as it seems. There are always ups and downs and if either party is not sincere with the other, misunderstandings and grudges will destroy that trust so necessary to keep things running.

Communication is essential for complicity flow and, even with very clear what is the place of each one, in my case there are also bases I give for granted because I tend to be very clear from the start about what I expect from a slave.

If training does not feed, for example, if I have to be repeating what it was understood, after several relapses into the same mistakes I just end bored and demotivated and the result can be the destruction of all the effort spent to date.

I’m not saying I’m not patient if a slave interests me, on the contrary, or that the first opportunity I stripped of my necklace, but if certain attitudes persist, my interest will decrease and seek elsewhere what he does not provide me . If a slave surrenders to me and I accept him imposing my necklace, for me is to assume a number of responsibilities, but for him will mean a duty to serve me the way I want.

Now, when these glitches are resolved, there is nothing better and that’s when those moments come true pride and consolidate this bond constitute the happiness of both.

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