A little bit of me

My dear sissy Minki says she loves my blog because I write from my heart (thank you, hun, you’re always so attentive and sweet). And yes, it is true, I write about what I feel, what I live and whatever I feel like.

I am an intense woman, without prejudice, with an open mind. What you read is what is there, what I am. I consider myself tolerant towards thousands of ways to live and express themselves. Diversity is wonderful. Respect everyone in the same way I want to be respected, but if it were not so (in cases where it is not so), I appreciate those who are special and deserve my attention.

I am a happy woman, specially for being able to channel my life into what really fills me, FemDom, and doubly fortunate to those who walk at my feet.

I still have that illusion of the first times in which it began to discover what I am, a Dominant Woman, that stage where I could finally put a name to my feelings, my personality, my instincts and my needs. I remember everything like it happened a few days ago and have spent quite a few years (not confessing how many). That eagerness to learn, to experiment, to meet people like me and assume I’m finally a normal person and not the weirdo that thought in my ignorance. I have learnt to look at life from other perspectives more serene and pleasant. And above all, the fact to find these beings that complement and enable me to be what I am, my slaves.

Today I walk with security that gives me experience that I did not have in my early days but, as I say, my dream is still intact, knowing that I still have many things to live and learn.

In addition to enjoying my world and to spread a little bit of my vision and experience, I get so many messages of support and affection which give me a valid reason for my daily work here.


  1. My dear Dama♥,
    you always such nice words for me! I thank you from my heart! There are few women, much less men who treat me and other crossdressers and trans girls with respect.
    It is a wonderful feeling to be treated like a human. SM and bondage is part of my life since my youth. What I have learned from this, there are 2 types of mistresses. the one that sees it as work, love and listless conceded their money. And women like you, Mistress is to be your life that you love.
    Please enjoy your dominance and enjoy the benefits.
    I wish you a good night, lots of kisses♥♥♥♥
    your Minki

    • My dear, you are not only a human, but a great human as well. Kisses xoxo


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