External appearance

We all like to feel attractive and desirable and, who denies, is lying shamelessly. It is very nice to sayphysique does not matter at all for me”, but let’s admit that it counts too.

It is true that beauty is very subjective, each one is atracted to very different things, but when choosing partener, there must be some sort of attraction, however small. We may be attracted to someone’s personality, but once face to face if we find someone physically repulsive, will follow pretending not seek care or look for how to slip away as soon as possible? 馃檪

I’m not a shallow woman, look far beyond the outer packaging, but if a submissive is presented to me frumpy, physically neglected, with apathetic attitude, or rather the opposite, boasting very full of himself, he has much to show to interest me. I am not saying that everyone has to be a top model, there is no one perfect, but let’s face it, I’m sure ye also found someone who you have rejected at first sight.

What‘s conquers me is the inside, but bother to come with your outside as presentable as possible, we can all make better taking care of ourselves a bit. My slave clown, for example, is fat (you can see his photos in some of the tabs on the blog), and I say is fat”, not ornament with is overweight“, but all those extra weight are compensated with a beautiful interior and a huge heart (among other things).

And in the case of the Ladies exactly the same. Submissives like to find an attractive, looked after, cared, neat Mistress and then that she knows to take you from one ear with her personality and her attitude, but you can not deny that the first impression counts a lot.

I like to feel desired, and I’m not and a stunning beauty, but I take care of those little details that tell a lot about a woman. I am very feminine and flirty and, although I am not attractive to everyone, I feel good about myself and that is reflected out. It’s not about perfection, but also the internal state of mind and a little attention to our appearance is always appreciated.

Are you going to a job interview with grease spots and without showering? A Mistress deserves no less. What you show will tell a lot about you.


  1. Interesting post Mistress.
    i’m aware many females do notice the small things such as how you wear your clothes, are they ironed and so on. It certainly isn’t that they’re shallow going just by looks but they see it as an indication of how much respect the individual has for themselves and the one they’re with. Many scientific surveys show people form feelings about a person within 15 seconds or less.
    You’re right about men going to job interviews and yet speak to any employer and actually some turn up unkempt! And they wonder why they’re not invited back!!!
    For me, whenever i’ve been in a relationship with a mistress i’ve always endeavoured to ensure i’m presentable in part to show respect for Her but also from a sense of self respect that ensures i take this thing as serious, worthy of Her time.

    regards sissygurl belinda

    • So it should be, Belinda, if you don’t show respect for yourself in your personal appearance, How do you pretend to earn the Mistress? There are many small details that can easily be corrected and that all of us should care.


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