D/s with objectivity

I read out there male and female submissives magnifying D/s relationships with exaggerated mysticism that distorts reality enough. And they are wonderful, that vanilla relationship doesn’t fill and motivates me, I need “something morethat gives transcendence and sauce to conventional sex.

But I have noticed that these spiritual and ascetic tirades come from those who have never lived a real D/s relationship, ie,  they talk about how they imagine they are, not how they know they are.

And nothing is as easy or predictable as you think, indeed, there are times when it can be really hard and difficult to the submissive to adapt himself to his new property condition.

I quote a textual sentence without revealing the source (although we’ve all read similar things): I will be the Mistress submissive want, not the one I want to be.” Sounds great, right? Well, I disagree. For starters, although you will have to adjust to her, if the Mistress wants you to be something that goes against your desires and convictions, that relationship will never prosper. It is important to know please the Mistress, but it is equally important that it (and your sacrify) finally makes you happy too.

Nor is it to meet a Mistress and give her your life in half an hour, that everything to come to fruition requires a time and check that there are common interests, that you get along and that this woman is the one you really need.

Come down from the cloud and put your feet on the floor, is very good to dream and fantasize, even add that I think it’s great you get information about this subject on websites, forums and blogs, but reality is often another even know much theory.

In reality come into play real feelings, real emotions, rejections to what you seemed so wonderful, the discovery that the Mistress has wrinkles or flab, the existence of bad days in which a word can hurt a lot more than what you thought, having to give an account of your steps, ever giving up things or you’re thinking right now… I could go on, but do not want to scare you, only that you realize that a D/s relationship is not a permanent fairytale.

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  1. Very well said and, speaking from experience, the D/s relationship necessarily has long periods of “vanilla” in it when dealing with the outside world. Although the fantasy is 24/7, individuals still have to earn a living and deal with the outside world. Although i am owned by my Mistress and devoted to Her service, this does not happen nearly as often as i or She would like simply due to the pressures of vanilla life – we both have to work to earn a living and hence both have to deal with the day to day realities of life.


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