Some plans

CruelDama and magic

These days I am quite busy with a thousand things that require my attention, so excuse me if I do not answer your messages or forget some things.

One of my dogs is making changes in his life and one of the novelties is to find a new home, with all that it entails, and I‘m helping him a little (selfishly, because I want the place pleases me ’cause I will pass much time with him there).

So between internet searches, make appointments to see properties and weigh pros and cons of each place, I do not connect much to deal emails and messages.

I will speak briefly of magic (no, not the one that came out in the radio interview, that was clown). My slave magic takes just five months at my feet, ie, we have a wonderful long way to go, but there is a stunning chemistry between us, in every way. He is a detailed slave who follows me virtually everywhere (leaves many comments in my Spanish blog) and in real life, the days that is required, he becomes my chauffeur, my cook, my slut, my dog, my consenting, myMight say many my” in relation to magic… ! Just because I consider him really mine even though our relationship is not 24/7, but we have many short-term plans and we are progressing slowly.

I could say many good things about him, but besides that I do not want to spoil him with flattery, there are many others to correct. His training progresses as we get to know each other better, I know he worships me and strives to give the best of himself, but also likes to play to pull the strap to see how far he can get without breaking ; )

We complement each other quite well and have a lot in common, so we both bet on our relationship. All my slaves are special to me, but of course, my necklace is the biggest indication that they are 馃檪

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