Little funny details

Amazing things happen to me, I have a magnet for the strangest things and with surrealistic dyes. I have told here some, like how I met one of my slaves in the fruit and vegetable section of a supermarket, the way the Chinese beautician of the beauty salon I usually go is offered me, the shocking meeting with a Dominant and his female submissive in which I wondered who dominates whom in that case… And those are just some examples.

The other day I went out with one of my properties and, parked in the car next to his house after going out to dinner, I was dedicating him a small example of what to expect in a few moments digging my nails into his balls (specified that he has order to drive with outdoor genitals at my disposal whenever we move, however short the journey). It was a small track, between laughs and chills, that told him my intentions.

So imagine our surprise when a Pakistani of those who sell flowers and chains approached and gave us a rose, even though we told him we did not want anything with a wide smile.

I did not get my hand of where it was (grabbing the crotch of my pooch) while we talked with him, that was a good time, with all the natural. I don’t know what would happen by the head of the seller and I doubt he finds many similar scenes, but displayed a significant diplomacy and dropped us off the flower without to give him a penny for it.

Last night there was another funny story, but I’ll leave for another time 馃槈

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