The world will continue rotating

It was amazing the response to new contest, but relax, is more than a month to deploy your creativity.

In addition, I mentioned how busy I am these days and I‘m going to the beach soon, so give me time to go selecting my bolder gurlies. Do not fail to send me your pictures, but a little patience if I do not upload them immediately.

I have gottenthank you’ notes for promoting everything related to the FemDom world, but also frightening criticism, that I must say. There will be always closed minds, obviously, but I am used to park what I do not like and continue with my life, that I have not to ask anyone’s permission to be who I am (and no one will change me) 馃槈

I like to innovate and that is not always well received, but also noted that there are already many Mistresses who imitate me (some even copying my sentences and even whole paragraphs and are awarded as their own).

I think that any dissemination of our world, big or small, will contribute to the information is growing so everyone can choose what prefer.

I will continue in the gap, enjoying my life with delight and spreading my lifestyle for those who want to know a little about me, my opinions and experiences.

And you, my sissies, I encourage you to make the hottest photos, provocative, sensual, sexual, lewd or demure, that even if you are criticize or discriminate. in CruelDama‘s blog you will have your space.

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