My slave clown


It seems like summer has really finally arrived, at least in this part of the world, so I’m going to tan a little and enjoy the coast, I am very urbanite, but we must also break routines and off the asphalt from time to time.

The other day I talked about magic_de_Cruel, so today I mention my clown_de_Cruel. Those who follow me usually will have heard him already live, he is the one that comes out on radio interview with me, so you know he‘s a good little dog.

My clown takes two years at my feet, we spent a lot together and although he is docile and willing, also has his own character and our relationship has gone through several ups and downs, as there have been outside influences for many events that have happened around us at this time.

In the radio showed as he is, let see how much he loves me and how well he serves me, spoke of his homosexual tendence and made clear that between us there is no direct sex, which does not mean that it doen’t exist, but I decided to live it in other ways with him.

He cares a lot from me and has incredible details with me. I often say that I am very little given to flattery and it is true, I do not usually spend accolades, but that does not mean I do not feel proud of him, because I am a lot.

Sometimes you say that as I have several slaves will not accept new ones, but my answer is always the same: I’m not closed to new relationships, which no consent is nonsense.

As I said on the post I dedicated to magic, all my slaves are special to me 馃槈

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