Deranged minds

I love the psychological sado, enjoy fucking an attractive mind and mentally dominate a slave in a kind of hypnotic trance to shake him in different directions. But I am a ordained woman and pick my toys after playing.

I can create on my dog ​​some state of anxiety at my convenience or take him to a sub-space where he will feel a puppet in my hands, but I’ll bring him back to reality (why should I want a zomby in my life?).

I am also in favor of aftercare, they sometimes need a little help to land again in real life if the session has been particularly intense.

But I will not play with a diseased or damaged mind, that life is too beautiful to waste with deranged people, and not contributing anything good to it.

I mean all these surreal propositions I receipt. I have been offered up to be mutilated for me and then I leave it all full of blood (forgive the joke to play down such nonsense).

I am a woman who knows what she wants, playing what she wants, but with the ever-present common sense. I do not want surrealist films and fantasies, I’ll not fulfill what I do not want, and much less with such psychopathological dyes.

I have seen practically everything in life, but there are days when my mail gets surprise me with the atrocities that I receipt.

I do not want a lysergic relationship. I decide what crazy things I want to do. Always made ​​it clear that I do not want a mentally unbalanced slave and if you consider yourself a broken toy, do not try to give me something damaged. Give me the best of you, I‘ll break you to heal you after 😉

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