Writting of magic_de_Cruel


I asked Magic to collaborate in the post today and I will copy here his input. You will observe that his vision is not exactly objective, but it is his opinion, so I’ll leave as he has given me.

It seems that her blog could disappear and my dream to enjoy her company on the beach seemed impossible.

I would like to have enough power for that internet site which I enjoyed so much and with which I have learned so much from wouldn’t dye and if it perishes I trust it’ll resurrect.

Only a Goddess as CruelDama can resurrect like a phoenix from the ashes, fly over the more intolerant inquisitors to establish another place of pilgrimage for her faithful devotees.

Only a Goddess can respond calmly to unfair cyberattacks and cause the most ardent joy to the slave who is at her side in real life.

On the beach is a Sexy Siren, at the apartment is an exploitative Mistress, when we left a provocative Lady, in private, one selfish Domina, when she touches excited, if she comes, desire overwhelms me, if she leaves, I strive to follow her, if she looks at me, I melt and I crave to submit myself.

Only a Goddess can do so many things at once and turn the impossible into believable. She may be worried about her blog and also make me happy.

Only a Goddess can be Master, Guide, Lady, Mistress, Woman, Domina, etc.. She is my earthly Goddess, which I found a few months ago and with whom I hope to spend the rest of my life as her devoted slave.


Yes, I know, not very impartial, is him? lol.

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