Sun, beach, rest

After uploading the daily blog post, down to the beach clad in my thong swimsuit. I love the sea, the sound of the waves relaxes me and the simple fact of looking at the horizon over water gives me a huge sense of peace.

I am in one of the few areas not very crowded and is very nice to take long walks along the shore with the sea lapping my feet and the sun caressing my body. My skin is bronzing and it has a nice healthy tone.

The other day my puppy had to be away for a moment from my side and I continued my walk alone. I was minding my own when I was approached by a young man with clear intentions to engage in conversation, but his excuse was very poor and, after asking if I had light, I pointed my exiguous attire (a small black thong) and asked him where he thought I could carry a lighter, resulting surprise of the boy and my rejection of so unimaginative argument.

I will not deny it’s flattering that at my age I remain attractive, even with only a brief triangle for all clothing, but this guy could have carefully worked it a little more, right? 馃榾

In short, they are being very relaxing few days, at least for me, that my slave has so much to do that does not rest too much 馃槈

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