Some pics of me

I uploaded already some photos of these days by the Valencian Community, ye can find on the tab Cruel Lady.

You will observe that I look pretty serious, but I assure you I laugh a lot and I‘m having fun.

Some are in Cullera castle, other in cape Nao and a couple of them on the terrace of the apartment, as the one illustrating the post today.

Last night we had dinner at Malvarrosa beach with a Dominant who I knew in the internet for years. I like to put a face to the people with whom I interact regularly here and, after dinner, the conversation went on until the early hours at a terrace in the área.

I always liked Valencia, but I love rediscovering it gradually. Squeeze the days that I will be around and will return back to my blog, as you can see, I have very relaxed, although I have not parked it and I upload some comments daily.

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