Yesterday I read a submissive asking himself: Am I who I wanna be?

We make choices throughout our lives that end up making us what we are. We choose to be who we are, that is, we are the result of our choices at every stage of life.

Fear not, I will not psychoanalyze anyone, but each one is as he is (and he is what he is) because he wanted so.

I‘m happy with my personality, I like myself. Like everyone, I made my mistakes (that no one is saved), but I knew learn from and evolve the way I wanted to.

I do not need everyone like me and everyone has to think like me, however I think it’s very important to feel comfortable with ourselves, regardless of the opinion that others have of us.

You can have taken wrong paths or have chosen not suited options, but I’ll tell you something: it’s never too late to change what we do not like. I could run my life and my personality to the place where they are and it was not so bad to ask for forgiveness when I considered that it was necessary.

Find the answer within yourself, is where you’ll find it 馃槈

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  1. That’s very true Mistress.Realizing who i truly was certainly was a big breakthrough for me.


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