Back home

Today we return trip. Have been a few great days with my fyce by my side and enjoying spectacular places.

But is time to return, to retake many things that have been in standby, to give a pat on the back of my bitch​​, who has been waiting for her Mistress with her best smile, to exercise control over which belong to me and to visit my hairdresser urgently, seawater has left me wild mane.

I go now, but back to sea soon. Valencia is wonderful, but there are other parts of Spain that are no less, so the next trip will be in another direction, at least in principle (proposals are admitted :D).

My skin has taken a nice tan, eaten delicious rice and fish in the area, I swam in the Mediterranean, I have met amazing places, I have walked through typical places and some not so well known, my pooch has bought me a dress of the most indiscreet (the photo)

Have been a few great days, but it’s time to return. See you in Madrid 😉

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